Saturday, August 9, 2008

A Few Quick Spyware Removal Tips To Get Your Pc Running Like New Again

kPerhaps the biggest danger while surfing the web is the threat of spyware infection. While it can slow your computer down, annoy you with pop ups, and hijack your browser, spyware can also STEAL confidential information like credit card numbers and passwords. You need to be very careful how you use the internet. Here are a few tips to prevent your computer from being infected.

1. Use a firewall. It shocks me to this day that some people still surf the internet without a firewall. Windows XP and Vista have built in firewalls you can enable. If you do not have these operating systems then download McaFee or Norton Anti Virus.

2. Download FireFox web browser. Microsoft Internet Explorer simply does not cut it these days concerning internet security. FireFox has built in features that will prevent you from acquiring spyware and contains a comprehensive pop up blocker

3. If you download music or multimedia files through P2P programs, make sure you research it firs to ensure it’s spyware free. Unfortunately most P2P sharing programs have some form of spyware or adware installed on it. You can check to see if yours is spyware free.

While the following tips can help you prevent your computer from getting spyware that is only half the battle. Studies have shown that 90% of computers have some form of spyware installed on them.

You can manually remove spyware through the control panel feature “Add or Remove Programs”. However, I don’t recommend removing spyware yourself. Spyware can often mask itself pretty well and it can be difficult to get rid of it all yourself. You could also accidentally remove a necessary system file which can mess your computer up even worse!

My top spyware removal tip is to download an excellent spyware removal program. There are many options available but I have created a website that breaks down the pros and cons of some of the best and most popular removal tools on the net. For more spyware removal tips and my #1 rated spyware remover come check out my website.

By: Jim Marshall


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